A shop of Restaurant Indochine fine cuisine francaise et vietnamienne

What is Indogo?

Indogo is a shop concept that was created by Restaurant Indochine. Cook and Chill: Chilled dishes that are delivered to you throughout Germany by DHL as a delivery partner and that you can easily reheat yourself.
We at INDOGO have found out how we can make the dream of enjoyment and taste come true for you by using a few resources and without great effort. Save time and headaches and choose INDOGO.

What is a "cook and chill dish" and how does the food stay fresh?

Thanks to the Cook and Chill process, the cooked dish is cooled down by instant shock freezing and maintains maximum freshness. This preserves the vitamins in the food.

Meals fresh from our kitchen on your table!

Indogo offers Indogo boxes with fresh dishes that can be prepared quickly and easily at any time of the day. We always try to reduce additives to the minimum. The dishes are also freshly and healthy prepared without flavor enhancers. Meals can be enjoyed in restaurant quality.

We design for you from fresh and seasonal products from the region
great food.

That's how it's done:

  • Simply order online
  • By ordering in our online shop with "pickup". you get 10% discount on the whole shopping cart
  • Delivery directly to your door (by DHL)
How do I prepare the food?

The dishes arrive at your home freshly sealed and ready-made, so that you can prepare your desired menu in just a few steps, either in a water bath, oven, microwave or briefly in the pan. The dishes can then be distorted in a very high quality.

Instructions are always included that describe the preparation step by step for you. Here you can give the arrangement free creativity and add your own touch.

How can I order the dishes and the menus?

Select the “Cook and Chill” category with one click. You are now offered 2 options for ordering. Select either "individual dishes" or the "menu configurator".

As the name "individual dishes" already mentioned, you have the option of choosing individual meals. Under the "menu configurator" you can easily put together a 3-4 course menu yourself or choose our menu recommendation.

When you have found your favorite dish / menu, place your order
in the cart.

In our shop you can choose suitable wines or other items
and add it to the shopping cart with one click.

While ordering, you can always call up the total contents of the shopping cart in the sidebar so that you can see all products that have already been added.

If you would like to complete the order, do not forget to select your delivery date, your payment method and enter your address details.

How do we pack your food?

The dishes arrive at your home wrapped in foil, freshly sealed and provided in an iso pack with ice packs. For the Iso-Pack and cold pack we charge an empties of 2.50 EUR. You can read how to get your empties back under "Returning packaging material".

How and when will the Indogo box arrive?

Your Indogo box will be delivered to your door by DHL on the date you want, but no later than the following working day. The Thermobox are provided with cooling batteries in the cover box to ensure that the cold chain is not interrupted. Even if the box arrives a day later, you can always receive our goods fresh.

Does the meal have to be consumed on the same day?

When properly chilled, our products can also be eaten later. Our thermobox is designed in such a way that the dishes can still be enjoyed after 48 hours in the box. However, we recommend putting the food in the refrigerator immediately upon receipt. The food can be kept for up to a further 4 days. For a longer shelf life, you can also put the dishes in the freezer without any problems.

How can I report a problem with the Indogo box?

Of course, we pay attention to the highest quality, absolute freshness and the reliability of our packaging. Should a complaint nevertheless arise, we ask you to write to us immediately at the e-mail address info@indogo.de or to contact us by phone at 068-96778708. Ideally, send us a picture of the box, including the time, expiry date, QR code and content, immediately after opening. We assure you that your complaint will be processed quickly and easily.

Diverse menus and changing offers from Indogo

Our chefs create dishes for every taste, from meat to fish as well as vegetarian or vegan dishes. From hearty pasta, crunchy salads to delicious stews. Since we always work with fresh ingredients and want you to enjoy them as best as possible, we adapt our Cook and Chill dishes to suit the season. We always exchange individual dishes every 6 weeks.

Where does Indogo ship to?

It is supplied throughout Germany. The minimum order value is 45 EUR. From 80, - EUR order value, shipping is free of charge. Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and other European countries are currently not being supplied, we ask for your understanding.

Send back the packaging material

We want to be as resource-saving as possible with the environment. You can therefore return the insulating packaging and cooling batteries you have collected to us free of charge. With every return you will receive the amount of your empties. We and the environment thank you for your support.

That's how it's done:

  • Collect the insulating packaging and the cold packs (at least 4 insulating packaging)
  • Send us an email to info@indogo.de. You will receive a return label from us by email.
  • Put everything in one of our packaging boxes. Returns label on it
    and send it back to us free of charge.
  • You can get your package in a DHL Pickup parcel shop near you
  • Please only send us packaging material that does not
    damaged so we can recycle and reuse it